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The Ultimate Reusable Sticky Top

Discover the Magic of Stickytop

Stickytop is not just an adhesive mat; it is the innovative Stickytop that makes your daily routines easier. This unique reusable mat, which sticks on both sides, offers endless possibilities for both home and on-the-go use.

Reusable without Limits

Stickytop is designed to last and offers unprecedented reusability. With the capacity to be reused up to 2000 times, it's the smart choice for both your wallet and the environment. When the Stickytop gets dirty, all you have to do is use water to rinse it. This restores the original adhesive strength of the Stickytop, ready to stick again.

More Than A Sticky Mat

Whether you want to hold notes, stabilize tools or protect surfaces, Stickytop has it covered. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can take it anywhere.

A Sustainable Choice

At Stickytop we strive for sustainability. By choosing Stickytop you actively contribute to reducing waste and protecting our planet. Disposable products are a thing of the past; choose a greener future with Stickytop.

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Are you ready to make your daily life easier and benefit from a reusable Stickytop that always sticks where and when you need it? Discover Stickytop and experience the magic for yourself. View our product page for detailed specifications and benefits. Order your Stickytop today and experience the conveniences of the Stickytop.

Stickytop - One Mat, Countless Applications.