Website and Shopify Store Launch

With our brand identity and packaging designs in place, we turned our focus to the digital world in June with the launch of our official website and Shopify store. This month marked a crucial step in unlocking the world of e-commerce and making Stickytop available to a global audience.

In parallel with the website development, we worked closely with Brand Specials to ensure that the online shopping environment seamlessly matched the visual identity of our brand. Consistency in design, colors and branding was essential to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

The launch of our Shopify store marked a milestone in making Stickytop accessible to consumers around the world. The platform not only offered easy transactions and secure payment options, but also a place where customers could discover our story, gain useful information and become part of the growing community of Stickytop users.

The launch was not just the end of a development phase, but the beginning of a new chapter in which Stickytops became available to those looking for a sustainable, reusable solution for their daily needs. It was an exciting moment that reaped the rewards of months of dedication and collaboration, and it marked the beginning of our adventure into the world of e-commerce.
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