With a thorough understanding of the market needs, we started a crucial phase of Stickytop's development: prototyping. This phase focused on making our concept tangible by exploring different designs and materials to ultimately develop the optimal reusable adhesive mat.

We worked with several suppliers to produce the first physical models of Stickytop, experimenting with various materials and structures. Each prototype was carefully evaluated based on adhesive strength, durability, reusability and other essential properties.

The feedback from these initial prototypes was invaluable. Our select group of testers were involved in testing the adhesive mats in different environments and situations. This process allowed us to refine Stickytop's performance and adapt it to the real needs of users.

During this period our creativity took center stage as we played with different shapes and sizes. We wanted to create not only a functional product, but also an aesthetically pleasing adhesive mat that could stand out from the rest.

The prototyping phase was also a period of intensive collaboration with suppliers. We selected partners who could provide the high-quality materials needed to bring StickyTops to life in a way that was both sustainable and cost-efficient.

It was a period of creation, adjustment and optimization. It was a time when the concept of Stickytop transformed from an idea to tangible prototypes, and each iteration brought us closer to the perfect design of our reusable sticky mats.
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