Production planning

With valuable insights from the testing phase in mind, we started detailed planning for Stickytop production at the end of May. This month was critical in ensuring we could meet demand for our adhesive mats and establish a streamlined production process.

One of the first steps was to select reliable suppliers for the materials needed to produce our Stickytop. We preferred sustainable and high-quality raw materials that met both our standards and the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

In May, we also focused on scaling production capacity to meet expected demand. We wanted to ensure that Stickytop would not only be available to a wide audience, but also that we could respond flexibly to growing needs.

Developing a clear production schedule also included setting deadlines and milestones. This allowed us to maintain tight control over the entire process, from raw materials to the finished product, and ensure we stayed on track for the planned launch.

The month of May was a period of organization and strategy, as we prepared for the next phase of our journey: launching Stickytop into the market. It was an exciting but also challenging phase, during which we paid close attention to all the details to ensure that our production process was in line with our vision for quality and sustainability.
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