Market analysis

With the idea for Stickytop fresh in mind, we embarked on an in-depth market analysis in November. The goal was to gain a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of our potential customers, as well as insight into the competitive market environment.

The market analysis included a detailed study of similar products on the market. We studied consumer trends, market segments and competitor feedback to determine where our adhesive mats could best be positioned.

We have often talked to people in our networks. These interactions not only helped us understand what people were looking for in a reusable adhesive mat, but also uncover any concerns or unmet needs.

The insights from this phase were invaluable and gave us the necessary direction to develop Stickytop as a product that was not only innovative, but also perfectly suited to the needs of our customers. It was a month of discoveries and strategic decision-making, which laid the solid foundation for the further development process.
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