The Idea Emerges

In the early days of October 2022, the first seeds of Stickytop were planted. It all started with an intriguing idea that arose from the need to provide an environmentally friendly and practical solution to everyday problems. We were determined to create a product that was not only functional, but also contributed to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The inspiration behind Stickytop came from the realization that many everyday tasks and activities could be performed better and more efficiently with a reusable sticky mat. Whether it was holding small objects on desks, preventing kitchen utensils from shifting, or simply providing a convenient and bonded surface, we saw countless applications for our product.

The brainstorming sessions and sketches in this early phase were crucial in defining Stickytop's vision. We asked ourselves questions about the ideal size, the best material and the desired properties of the adhesive mat. This exploratory phase laid the foundation for what would later become an innovative and much-requested solution.

In October, not only the idea was born, but also the realization that we wanted to create a product that was not only useful in everyday life, but also contributed to a larger mission: reducing single-use consumption and promoting reuse without leaving residual traces. to let.

This month marked the very beginning of a journey that would lead us to develop a product that not only offered a practical solution, but also had a positive impact on the environment and the way people live their daily routines. The idea was born, and with a healthy dose of enthusiasm we started the adventure of realizing Stickytop.
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